Covid-19 Information

Due to the current crisis, there will be delayed shipping to most countries. Please keep this in mind while placing your order. In addition to this I am currently unable to ship to the following countries:

★ Chile
French Polynesia
★ Guyana
★ Mauritius
★ New Caledonia
★ Reunion

★ How long does it take for my order to ship?
Since I am a small business run by one person, it can take a little bit longer for me to ship out items compared to larger businesses. Check below to see an estimated timeframe for your order to be dispatched.

Domestic mail (within The Netherlands)
Untracked & tracked mail: 1-3 business days

International mail
Untracked mail (only for stickers, prints and bookmarks): 1-3 business days
Tracked mail: 1-2 weeks

To keep costs lower on tracked shipping for international customers I make use of a shipping service that ships out packages through Deutsche Post. This service requires a minimum amount of tracked packages before they waive an additional fee. Because of this, it can take a little bit longer for me to dispatch international tracked orders. 

★ How long does it take for my order to arrive?

Domestic (within the Netherlands):
 1-3 business days

Europe untracked*: 2-14 business days
West-Europe tracked: 4-8 business days

Rest of the world untracked*: 7-30 business days
Rest of the world tracked: 7-14 business days

Australia & New-Zealand tracked: 14-44 business days (due to Covid-19 a lot of orders arrive here by boat, which results in longer shipping times.)